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In Phase 1 we'll get the basics of the Pacman game up and running starting with getting the screen up. This phase will end when we have Pacman traversing the maze.

Blank Screen

In this section we get the basic window we'll be playing the game in up and running. It's not the most exciting section, but is necessary in order to take part in the rest of the sections. The image on the right is an example of what we'll be creating in this section. Click the link below to go to that section now. If you want to see exactly what we will be doing in this section, click on the Test Drive Level below. A smaller window will pop up, and that's it because that's all we're doing in this section. You can also click anywhere in the screen to turn the grid on and off. That's fun, right? Just make sure you're not blocking popups and you'll be good to go. These Test Drive links will be more fun the further we get into developing the game.

Test Drive Level
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Moving Around the Screen

Now that we have a blank screen, in this section we'll draw a yellow circle which will represent our Pacman character and use the keyboard to move him around any way we choose. So click the link below to learn how we do this. If you want to get some quick hands-on understanding of what we are trying to accomplish in this section, then click on the Test Drive Level link below. A smaller window will pop up, and you can use the directional keys to move the circle around. As before, click anywhere inside the screen to turn the grid on and off.

Test Drive Level
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Node Basics

Well we have a yellow circle moving around the screen, that's a start at least. Before we go in deeper we'll have to learn about Nodes. What is a node you ask? Well, jump into the section by clicking the link below to find out all about the wild world of nodes! If you need an answer NOW, then click on the Test Drive Level link below and you'll see some nodes just hanging out.

Test Drive Level
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Moving From Node to Node

We have our nodes set up, so now we just need to make Pacman interact with them. Pacman can only travel from node to node and nowhere else. In this section we'll cover three types of node movement. Click on the links below in order to get a feeling of these movements.

Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
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Generating Automatic Node Maps

In this section we'll automate the process of the last section. That way we won't have to do any manual linking of the nodes. We'll just provide a text file and have the program do all of the hard work for us. However, it will be a lot of hard work to get it working, but it will save us time (and mistakes) in the long run. By the end of this section you'll have a maze that looks like the one on the right.

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